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Region of Waterloo turns 50! Looking back, looking forward1 min read

Mar 17, 2023 < 1 min

Region of Waterloo turns 50! Looking back, looking forward1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Did you know the Region of Waterloo built the province’s biggest community museum in 2010? Did you remember the debates over indoor smoking bans back in the 1990s? Do you know why we opened the Mannheim Water Treatment Plant back in 1992?

All year, the Region of Waterloo will be sharing community milestone stories like these. Why? Because our community reached an important milestone in 2023. In 1973, the Region of Waterloo was formed from the old Waterloo County. That means 2023 marks 50 years since the creation of the municipality we have today.

A lot has changed in the past five decades. We’ve seen major changes in population, demographics, industry, technology and more. And as our region has evolved, the Region of Waterloo has grown too, working alongside this community to create a brighter future.

We’re continuing to invest in the community with programs and services that people need.

This 50th anniversary is a great chance to look back at where we come from, and where we’re going. Throughout 2023 the Region of Waterloo will tell 50 stories that highlight important changes in our community.

Watch for these 50 milestones throughout 2023 on the Region’s social media and a new website that’s coming to collect these stories. Follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.