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A roadmap to build a better Waterloo Region for all2 min read

Nov 14, 2023 2 min

A roadmap to build a better Waterloo Region for all2 min read

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Waterloo Region has challenges and opportunities ahead as we grow quickly to a million people. We all want to live in a compassionate community, one that cares for all people, stewards the land for future generations and where everyone has the opportunity to live a good life.  

The decisions we make now will help us be the community we aspire to be. To get there, we need a roadmap. The Region of Waterloo’s new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, called “Growing with Care,” is our vision for the future. It was built thanks to input from thousands of community members. Regional staff worked hard to include voices we don’t always hear from – including rural residents and youth. Over the past year, we heard from you through: 

  • Online and telephone surveys: 7,652 responses 
  • In-person workshops and community events: we talked with 1,200 community members  
  • And more! 

With your help, we’ve created a Strategic Plan for this community, by this community. The Strategic Plan gives the Region of Waterloo four key priority areas to guide our collective efforts as we work together to grow with care: 

Icons for four strategic priorities: Homes for All, Equitable Services and Opportunities, Climate Aligned Growth, and Resilient and Future Ready Organization.
  • Homes for all: We will invest in affordable homes and economic opportunity for all that are part of inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities. 
  • Climate aligned growth: As we grow, we will support a healthy environment where communities can thrive. Through intentional collaboration and creativity, we will support sustainable community growth. 
  • Equitable services and opportunities: Through collaboration and innovative design, we will provide equitable, accessible services across Waterloo Region that support the social determinants of health, safety and complete communities as we grow. 
  • Resilient and future ready organization: The Region of Waterloo is a great place to work, where everyone is valued, feels they belong and where they have the supports and tools they need to do a great job. We will be prepared for the future by providing a safe space for bold ideas and experimentation, based on data and other ways of knowing. 

Learn more about the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, “Growing with Care,” and these four priority areas. 

Budget 2024 

The Strategic Plan is our roadmap and vision. The Region of Waterloo’s annual budget is how we put that plan into action.  Right now, we’re building a 2024 budget that invests in each of the four priorities listed above, so we can meet our community’s needs.  

You can help! Learn more about the proposed budget, and how you can get involved on our EngageWR page.