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Man pours wood chips from a wheelbarrow on a newly-planted tree.

Partner Post: Resolutions for a Greener 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Around the Region shares the work of community partners. For January 2023, check out these tips from Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR). They are a social enterprise nonprofit that supports businesses and members of our community to help find the sweet spot where financial and environmental sustainability come together. Sustainable Waterloo Region is helping the local ...

Jan 12, 2023 4 min

The Newcomer Landlord Award were presented in Nov. 2022 to local landlords who have made extra efforts to provide housing for immigrants and refugees.

Partner Post: Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since the first settlers arrived several hundred years ago, Waterloo Region has been a community of immigration. This continues today as a growing number of immigrants and refugees move here from around the world. In fact, the May 2021 census reported that over a quarter of the region’s population has immigrated to Canada. There are ...

Nov 23, 2022 2 min

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