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When to bin plastic bags2 min read

Jul 6, 2022 2 min

When to bin plastic bags2 min read

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Plastic bags aren’t all made the same, which means not all bags go into the recycling bin.

Manufacturers often change the packaging material for products and some bags belong in the garbage.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Some bags are made with just one plastic — these are recyclable (such as grocery bags)
  • Some are made by layering different plastics — these are not recyclable (such as stand-up pouch bottom bags like the ones some frozen veggies come in)

Plastic bags are melted down when recycled, but the wrong bag mixed in can spoil the entire batch for recycling.

Here’s a list of which bags can be recycled.  

The Region no longer accepts any bag with a zipper closure (food storage bags) or fruit and vegetable bags (frozen, fresh or the produce bags from the roll). 

To recycle, empty the bag, tie all loose bags into one bag and put it into the paper and plastic bag blue box. It is important not to mix plastic bags in with containers. The paper and plastic bags are sent to a different facility for sorting and processing.

What can be recycled?: retail store packaging for food, drink, cleaners, toiletries, pet and paint products and paper (including food boxes) and retail store plastic bags. Detailed blue box information is on our website

Recycling made easy right on your phone

It is easy and quick to double check if an item is recyclable with Waste Whiz search tool.

Use this QR code to download the Waste Whiz app to your cell phone or use the search tool on our website.