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Turtle tunnels create safe crossing for local wildlife2 min read

Jul 5, 2023 < 1 min

Turtle tunnels create safe crossing for local wildlife2 min read

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Getting around the Region includes safe travels not only for humans, but for wildlife too. A protected wetland divided by a Regional roadway has sadly been the site of many fatalities as turtles and other wildlife try to move back and forth between the two sides.

In collaboration with local wildlife experts, the Region is working to save the lives of these important species. Since installing two of three corridors, road mortalities have decreased by 79 per cent.

Support local turtles during nesting season

Southern Ontario is the habitat for many types of turtles. Here in Waterloo Region, species include painted turtles, Blanding’s Turtle, and Snapping Turtles.

Human roads and development create threats for turtles, and all of Ontario’s eight species are considered “at risk.” Check out the work rare Charitable Reserve is doing to protect local turtles.

Early summer is nesting season. Please exercise caution, watch for turtles crossing roads and on properties. Remember, it’s best to admire them from a distance.

Have you discovered a turtle nest on your property? Or found an injured turtle? Visit the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre for information on what to do. Or you can watch this video to learn about how to safely help turtles get across roads to their wetland homes:

Banner photo by Alissa Fraser.