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New transit shelters part of overhaul at Waterloo intersection2 min read

Jun 28, 2023 2 min

New transit shelters part of overhaul at Waterloo intersection2 min read

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A new transit canopy at King Street and University Avenue is rapidly taking shape beside Wilfrid Laurier University.

This is the first of two larger, upgraded structures for customers to wait for a bus at the corner of King Street and University Avenue in Waterloo. The structures will have large canopies, charging stations for mobile devices, an expanded and enclosed seating area with push-button heating during the winter, bike racks, and security cameras.

These silver and gold shelters are part of a project led by the Region of Waterloo, in collaboration with the City of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and the Uptown Waterloo Business Improvement Area. The goal is to redevelop this busy intersection as a gateway to the city, college and universities.

The enhanced shelters are part of a new pedestrian-friendly plaza at the intersection. There will be improved lighting and landscaping, seating areas, and signs pointing to local landmarks, along with the enhanced bus shelters.

Kesenia Lyttle, a first year student in Business Administration and Computer Science at Laurier, is pleased to see the improvements.

“With these enhanced shelters being added to our campus, I believe it will create a more open and welcoming experience for transit users,” said Lyttle.

“It almost transforms the way we view transit, making it more than just waiting and travelling on the bus.”

She believes the new enhanced shelters will also add place-making value for Laurier students who use the U-Pass.

“The U-Pass program itself already has shown its worth, with unlimited transit travel for Laurier students,” said Lyttle.

“With this infrastructure in place, I believe that more students and residents will be interested in transit. I can see people using it as a meeting spot for friends before heading uptown, rather than walking after a night out. Overall, I think that the construction of the structure itself has nothing but positive benefits, and I am very excited to see it completed.”

The first enhanced shelter at Laurier is scheduled to be finished this fall.