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Making Decisions That Matter – October 25 edition2 min read

Oct 27, 2023 2 min

Making Decisions That Matter – October 25 edition2 min read

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This is a summary of Regional Council’s decision from its October 25, 2023 meeting. With input from the community, Regional Council sets the direction for the Region as an organization and makes decisions that help improve the lives of Waterloo Region residents every day. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting. 

Council calls on higher levels of government to fund their share of services

Regional Council will request the provincial and federal governments commit to a new municipal funding framework that ensures municipalities can support future growth. Residents and businesses currently fund over $150 million of services that should be financed by higher levels of government. In their request, Council will ask that the provincial and federal governments undertake an open and transparent review to address the issue. A copy of the request will be sent to all Ontario municipalities asking that they too call for a new funding framework. Canadian municipalities own and manage over 60 per cent of all public infrastructure and Waterloo Region is expected to grow to one million people by 2050.

Region approves design of cycling facility on Duke Street in Kitchener

Council has approved the design for physically separated two-way bike lanes along the west side of Duke Street between Francis and Water streets in Kitchener. This section is part of a larger cycling project from Victoria Street to Water Street built by the City of Kitchener, and will extend the existing network of safer and comfortable cycling environment. Future projects will further expand the network to connect to the King-Victoria Transit Hub and to the neighbourhood on the north side of the rail tracks.

Region to explore redeveloping former child care centre in Cambridge

Council has directed Regional staff to explore the potential to redevelop 651 Concession Road, in consultation with the City of Cambridge. The former Regional children’s centre could house Paramedic Services or affordable housing. Council confirmed the site would not be used as a shelter. The Region will apply for a Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Affordable Housing study grant for the property. Regional staff will facilitate community sessions for the repurposing of the site as part of any future development application process.

Region invests in security upgrades to over 200 facilities

Council has approved a new centralized security system to improve the security of the Region’s facilities and water supply and treatment sites. The current systems are not centralized and are outdated. The new system will be installed at all 200 facilities over the next five years.

Full video of the October 25, 2023 Regional Council meeting: