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Make sure your mani-pedi is safe this holiday season2 min read

Dec 15, 2022 2 min

Make sure your mani-pedi is safe this holiday season2 min read

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By Heather Worte, Region of Waterloo Public Health

It’s that time of year again when everything seems shiny and bright. Maybe it has inspired a trip to your favourite local salon or spa for a holiday mani-pedi. After making that appointment, there are so many options for picking the perfect nail polish colour. From neutrals, vibrant colours, pastels and glitter – the possibilities are endless!

One option you may not have considered is picking a personal service setting that has a good reputation for infection prevention and control. Salon and spa services are required to protect you from infections that can spread through tools and work surfaces. Fortunately, the Region of Waterloo’s public health inspectors routinely inspect personal service settings so you can make an easy, informed choice. 

Our public health inspectors work proactively in the background by completing inspections at all spas and salons. They make sure businesses are using infection control measures to keep you as safe as possible. In fact, in the Region of Waterloo, over 7,000 inspections are completed each year at many different types of businesses including spas and salons. All inspection results are posted publicly. Before your next appointment, check out the latest inspection results on Check it! We inspect it.

Here are some things to keep in mind before your next appointment:

  • Do not have a service performed on an area of your body where you have a cut, wound or infection
  • The personal services worker should wash their hands before starting a service
  • Work stations should be clean, well-lit and organized
  • All pre-packaged, pre-sterilized tools should be opened in front of you
  • All reusable items must be cleaned and disinfected after each client

Remember, you can ask staff about their infection control practices. If you feel unsafe, refuse any service. The last thing you want is an infection to ruin your holiday cheer. Do you think a personal service provider is not following infection control practices? You can file a complaint with Public Health. Call 519-575-4400 or report online.

Whether you are looking to get in the holiday mood or want to ring in 2023 with some extra sparkle, stay informed about infection control practices before your next salon or spa appointment. Now to pick that nail polish colour.