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“Farming, Food, and You” film screening is a chance to engage in our sustainable future1 min read

Oct 5, 2023 < 1 min

“Farming, Food, and You” film screening is a chance to engage in our sustainable future1 min read

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In celebration of Waste Reduction Week, the Region of Waterloo Waste Management and the Kitchener Public Library are collaborating to present “Farming, Food, and You.” This free event on October 16 promises to dig deep into soil regeneration, food waste reduction, and the critical role each individual plays in supporting a circular economy.

The centerpiece of this event is the documentary film “Kiss the Ground,” narrated by actor Woody Harrelson. This groundbreaking film suggests soil regeneration may be a solution to our climate crisis. It vividly illustrates how soil can draw down atmospheric carbon, thus completing the climate puzzle.

“Kiss the Ground” not only educates but also seeks to inspire us.  It demonstrates how regenerating the world’s soils can stabilize Earth’s climate, restore ecosystems, and ensure an abundant food supply.

The “Farming, Food, and You” event also features discussions with agricultural champions from Waterloo Region. These individuals are passionate about maximizing land yield and re-using by-products sustainably.  

Angie Hallman is the event moderator and joined by Jennifer Pfenning from Pfenning’s Organic Farm, Diana Aquino, from Walker Environmental, and Chef Destiny, owner of FoodZen.

“Farming, Food, and You” promises an evening of enlightenment and empowerment, encouraging everyone to take part in the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, engage, and be part of the solution. 

This is a free, community event, but seating is limited. Reserve your spot on the Kitchener Public Library’s event page.