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“It changed everything.” Flexible bus route makes a big difference1 min read

Jun 28, 2023 < 1 min

“It changed everything.” Flexible bus route makes a big difference1 min read

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Neda Ensafi landed her dream job.

And because of Grand River Transit’s newest Flexible Transit route, she didn’t have to worry about how to get there.

“It changed everything, because now I can get this job, I can accept this offer,” said Ensafi. “I don’t have a car, but with this bus I can easily go to work.”

Monday to Friday, Ensafi takes GRT from her home in Waterloo to Victoria and Lackner, in order to connect to Route 79, taking her to Breslau to work at St. Boniface YMCA Childcare Centre.

GRT’s Flexible Transit options provide reliable service in parts of the Region that are harder to serve with regular bus routes and help build ridership in lower-density and new growth areas, while connecting transit riders to the wider network.

Route 79 has been growing steadily since launching in 2022, with more than 100 boardings per week. Riders are benefitting from short wait times and flexible booking.

A 12-year GRT customer, Ensafi enjoys the easy booking offered by the GRT Flex App, which has made her schedule easy to create.

“I can just schedule a ride the night before, for a specific time that I want to be there,” said Ensafi. “I’ve never been late, the bus is always on time.”

Ensafi encourages other Waterloo Region residents to try Route 79, as well as the other flexible options offered by GRT.

“I feel safe on the bus, and it is awesome. I enjoy riding this bus,” said Ensafi. “Everything is perfect.”

Route 79 Breslau is set to continue operating until the end of 2023. Further decisions on service in Breslau will be part of the Region of Waterloo’s budget process.