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Game On!2 min read

Dec 14, 2021 < 1 min

Game On!2 min read

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Written by: Janine Toms, Region of Waterloo Library

Many of us remember a time when families would gather around the kitchen table for a winner-takes-all night of Catan, Clue or Monopoly. These were the days where bluffing was as necessary as skill, and bragging rights reigned supreme. At least until the next games night came about.

Times have changed, in countless ways, but as the holiday season rolls around, families are once again looking to reconnect and spend quality time together. It’s the time when we set screens to silent, and spend true ‘face time’ with one another. Beyond the laugher and friendly competition, games help build relationships, increases brain function, reduces stress and teaches us all of us the merits of loosing gracefully.

Families looking to rekindle the love of board games need look no further then the Region of Waterloo Library. With Free library membership, available at, it’s a great way to play an old favourite, or try your hand at something new.

Your local library has over 100 different games ready to borrow. Games are available for a three-week loan, with up to five games per patron. While almost half the collection is checked out at all times, holds can be placed for the next game in your sights. And while you’re waiting, library staff have quite the knack at finding an available game that will suit your next gathering.

One of the newest additions to the collection, My Little Scythe, is a family-friendly animal adventure, where players in sets of two head to the Kingdom of Pomme, a place where magic and pie fights await. To discover other games in the collection check out

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