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Finding a place to warm up this winter just got a little easier1 min read

Dec 29, 2022 < 1 min

Finding a place to warm up this winter just got a little easier1 min read

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Winter has arrived, and the Region of Waterloo’s Warming and Cooling Centres program has changed to help residents find relief from the cold. Beginning in December 2022, most Warming and Cooling Centres will now be open to the public during their regular business hours.

Warming and Cooling Centres are buildings that welcome anyone inside to get relief from heat or cold. In the past, these locations were only officially open during an Extreme Cold Warning or a Heat Warning from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Now, doors will be open with no official warning needed. Safe, warm environments will be easier for everyone to access.

“This is a welcome and beneficial change. Our program recognized a need and responded with an effective and generous solution,” says Brandie Bevis, who coordinates the Extreme Heat and Cold Partnership for the Waterloo Region.

“It is especially helpful to those most at risk of cold injuries or heat-related illnesses. An Extreme Cold Warning is only triggered at -30C, or a Heat Warning at more than 31C in the summer. Heat or cold that do not meet those thresholds can still be uncomfortable or dangerous. With this new change, relief is available whenever someone would like it.”

Warming and Cooling Centres are available in municipal buildings, libraries, recreation centres and other facilities from community partners across Waterloo Region.

A new interactive map also launched this month to help people find centres more easily. For more information and to see the interactive map, visit