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Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations provide opportunities to belong2 min read

Mar 31, 2022 2 min

Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations provide opportunities to belong2 min read

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Around the Region showcases the work of community partners. For April 2022, learn how Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations serve residents living in Cambridge.

Written by: Emily Jaarsma, Executive Director of the Greenway-Chaplin Community Centre

Within the many neighbourhoods that make up the city of Cambridge, there are organizations dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging, partnership and community. 

Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations (CNO) are agencies that use a community development approach by working at the grassroots level to develop and offer social and recreational programs that serve the diverse needs and interests of people who live in their neighbourhood. Each organization has a Board of Directors, passionate and qualified staff that oversee a wide range of programs and services, and a dedicated team of volunteers.

The eight organizations are:

These agencies are located across Cambridge in City facilities, Region of Waterloo housing units or elementary schools.

Recreation programs and community events provide residents a sense of belonging and opportunities to connect with one another. Participants learn new skills, meet new people and give back to their community through volunteering.

The CNO Youth Development Program trains and supports high school youth to complete their mandatory volunteer hours, provide them with leadership training and foster new relationships. The training program supports the youth as they explore future career opportunities, work on their resume, apply for their first job and start working!

The CNO agencies seek resident feedback as we plan and provide our programs and services. Our programs continue to evolve as residents’ needs change. Even during the pandemic, CNO agencies continued to connect with residents virtually to provide a variety of programs.

For more information, please visit or contact Kennedy (CNO Operations Coordinator) or call 519-623-4220.